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May 26 2016


Chicago Trend


Chicago TREND can be a social enterprise initially funded from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. This is a centralized source of real-estate developers, retailers and community development organizations trying to better view the trajectories of Chicago neighborhoods and purchase profitable retail projects that can drive transformative change. Chicago TREND supplies a suite of services to identify neighborhood and strategic retail opportunities, shorten the normal retail development timeline, and offer financial incentives and risk sharing for retailers and developers. More specifically, Chicago TREND delivers: - Lyneir Richardson

 Market data and analytics that offer sophisticated and predictive market data on communities� current state and alter trajectories, shopping patterns within specific commercial corridors, corridor preferences among different demographic groups, retail corridors ripe for investment, and the likely aftereffect of new retail development on communities.
 Development facilitation services by serving as an authority broker among parties considering strategic retail development, organizing a coalition of retailers thinking about urban retail development (Retail Coalition with the Willing), providing assistance that accelerates the event timeline, and initiating new retail developments the location where the data and analytics indicate market opportunities for strategic retail development.
 Financing tools to permit developers to draw in high-impact national and local retail tenants which will influence upward neighborhood trajectory by providing debt and equity financing to shut the financial lending gaps that prevent them from committing.

These tools create mutually reinforcing retail and community change THAT BENEFITS residents and businesses alike. - Lyneir Richardson

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